Phillippians 4:19 - And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus

This morning it was freezing! I didn't sleep at all last night and was really tired, so on my way this morning I wanted Starbucks desperately! As I was trying to make the split decision, I decided that I didn't need it. I have been really praying about my finances and I didn't need to spend $4.00 on a tall chocolate mocha with organic milk. I wanted it, but didn't need to spend the money on something that I didn't need.

There is a difference between what we want and what we need. We live in a world that is bombarded with materialism. Make more money, have the bigger house, better car, more clothes, have more shoes than your neighbor (Not possible living next to Brittany). We see it all the time, and especially with Christmas coming up, it is more prevalent. I won't go off on that subject right now...back to Starbucks...

So, I didn't get Starbucks. I knew that was not where I needed to be spending money. So, this morning at work I got a phone call from one of my Reps. She was at Starbucks and wanted to know if I wanted her to bring me something back. Wooo Hooo! To me that was a little thing that God did just for me.

God will supply you with what you need and bring you blessings when you are obedient to him. I was studying the verse above and I found 4 other times where "glorious riches" was listed in the Bible. The Glorious Riches is God living within you. When you have God in your heart, leading your life, following Him always, He will always supply you with exactly what you need. God knows exactly what you need and will always take care of His children.