BOO! Did I scare you?? No? I didn't think so....

It's October and the month of Halloween. Kids get to dress up and get a ton of candy, and everywhere I go, there are signs for haunted hay rides, and corn mazes. Fall is definitely here and with it comes football, apple cider and festivals. I love fall - I love the cool weather and the changing of the leaves - but it all ends so fast.

Just like things in life. How often do we think something is going so well, and then all of sudden, it ends? We are cruising along, things are smooth then you are hit out of no where with something? It happens all the time. Usually when things are going smooth, I wonder when it's going to get shaken up so God can teach me something. I don't ever want to miss what God is trying to teach me, but sometimes the end of something good means heartache. Through that, God often takes us to where we can't go anywhere but to Him. He wants us to trust Him and know that he always has our best interest at heart. I have lived it and I know sometimes that is so hard especially when you are in the valley, but knowing that eventually He will get you through it and what you learn will be far greater than the hurt.