One of the first things I noticed about Nashville is that people can not drive around curves. On my way to work in the morning, I drive up 65 and it usually begins around Exit 71. The first big curve comes and everyone basically comes to a stop before going around it. Then they speed up to go staight for a little bit...then stop again around the next curve. Then...you guessed it...at the next exit there is a "s" curve and guess what...they slow almost to a stop to drive around it too, but speed up to go straight in between them. It drives me crazy because if everyone would take their time, pay attention and coast around it, traffic would flow much smoother.

Last week I was thinking about this odd phenominum when I began thinking that this is a lot like life. When a curve in life comes, people get upset and almost slow to a stop causing multiple accidents to occur before getting through it and speeding up to get out of it, only to come upon another curve. So, what do you do when life throws you a curve? Do you worry that you won't get through it or do you rely on God to get you through it? Do you move in and out of the lanes trying to get out of it and avoid the problems that could happen, or do you stay in your lane knowing that you are going to come to the end of the curve? Whatever comes your way in life you need to rely on our Savior to get you through it. You need to know that God can take the curves and no matter what happens, He is going to drive you through it.


Shining Light

There was a song that I used to sing when I was little that was called This Little Light of Mine. We sang it with hand motions and it went: This little light of mine...I'm gonna let it shine. The "light" that is shining is Jesus. It is a light you see through people's eyes when they love Jesus and belong to Him.

I had the honor to see this light through someone that I didn't know for very long. His name was Jody and he was 31 years old. He was someone that when you talked to him you could not help but see the light of Jesus in his eyes. He was always smiling and it was contagious. I met him for the first time last year as a new Rep in my office. He walked into my office and we had a conversation about God and the amazing things God was doing in his life and with his family. He talked about how blessed he was by having his wife and child and you could see the love of God through him. Even though he is from Alabama, I didn't hold that against him.... He wasn't there for very long, but I will never forget the love he had for God. The light that shown in his eyes. Soon after he started with us, he found out that he had stage 4 lung cancer. It obviously shocked everyone, including him. Through out the last year I saw him a few times, and each time he was the same. Completely positive, still talking about his love for God, and his eyes were still shining. With everything he was facing, he still allowed the light to shine through him.
Yesterday, the battle ended and Jody went home to be with the Lord.

What I will remember most about him is the light that shown in his eyes. The love he had for God. When you look back on your life will people say that you had a love for God that shined through you? Will you remember that life is too short and you should live it for God to the fullest? Allow God's light to shine through you to show his love to everyone you see.