My wonderful friends got me a GPS for my birthday. Not any GPS, but a "GPS for Dummies". To some this may seem an odd gift, but not for me. See, I get lost quite a bit, which is extremely easy in Nashville. It is the only city that I have ever been to where the road name changes as you are traveling down it. Now, I do have my own personal Mapquest, my good friend Paula, but she is not always available. So, I now have my own personal access to all the places I don't know how to get to, any time I want.

I was wondering how life would be if we had our own personal GPS for life. We could key in where we wanted to be in life and it would automatically lead us to where that is. Unfortunately, this is not how life is. Several times this week I have said to people that they just need to trust in God's plan. It is extremely hard to do when some things are so uncertain. I struggle with this all the time. We all do. It is all about faith and having the faith to trust. Knowing that He wants the best for you and even if what is happening at the time doesn't seem like it will benefit you, or will hurt you, if you are in God's will, then it is the best thing for you. I daily remind myself of this. When you are struggling, not matter what it is with, just give it to the Lord and let Him handle it.