Taking time

In your life do you ever find yourself doing something without thinking about it? Every morning I get up at usually the same time, depending on how many times I hit the snooze button. Then I go through my routine. Shower, quiet time, makeup, hair, dressed and out the door for work. The other day, I got it in my head that I was going to get up early and go to the gym because I wasn't going to be able to go to after work. I got up at 4:30...yes, I said it, 4:30 a.m. My routine was not normal that day. I actaully think that my body went into shock because I got up that early and on top of that I worked out for an hour!

It made me think that many times we just go through the motions of life. Often I just go through the motions of my day, doing what needs to be done. I get so busy that I don't stop and take time to really spend quality time with others. I am pulled in so many directions that I dont' take the time for what is important. God commanded us to love. Love others as He loves us. Would God ever get so busy that he didn't take the time to listen? That He wouldn't take the time to stop what he is doing to show His love? My life lately has been consumed with work and I have not been taking time to stop and show God's love to others. What is the point to life if we are not doing God's work? I hope when you read this you will stop focusing so much on what isn't getting done and focus more on those that are around you. Work will always be there tomorrow...people may not be.


Praise Him

1 Peter 4:16 - However, if you suffer as a Christian, do not be ashamed, but praise God that you bear that name.

There is a song by Casting Crowns called Praise You In This Storm. It is a very popular song with a powerful meaning. It a hard to do, but when you stop focusing on your problem, and put the focus on God, you will see it, and be able to bear it, in a whole new way.

When I was home for Christmas we had a death in the family. Jim was my mothers cousin(Connie) husband. He was 59 years old and lost his battle with cancer on Christmas day. I did not know the family very well, because I have been away for so long, but what I remember of Jim, he was always smiling and laughing. He adored his wife and loved the Lord. What made me think of this song and verse was my mom telling me something Connie did the Sunday night before Christmas. My mom was at their house and their entire family was there. They knew it was any time that Jim would be going home to see the Lord and mom said that Connie cried out to the Lord to comfort and shelter her. In the face of her husbands death, she cried out to the Lord.

Whenever we face something that we think we will never get through, praise God. Praise Him for everything, no matter what it is. When you are going through something that is tough, if you see God's hand in it, you will learn more about yourself. Trials will make you stronger and will help you learn more about yourself. Praise God for the trial and for what He is going to teach you through it. It will be hard, and you may feel like you won't make it through, but God will comfort you and guide you.