A little over a month ago I went on vacation to Temecula, CA.  It's a little over an hour from San Diego, and it was absolutely gorgeous.  We took a tour of several vineyards, and it was interesting to see how much care and thought goes into each row of grapes. There are different grapes all through the vineyard that each make a different type of wine.  It was very interesting to learn how it was all made, and takes a tremendous amount of hard work.  It takes a long time for the grapes to be made into what they are intended to be. What I noticed, was at the end of each row of grapes there is a rose bush.  The rose bush is planted as an early detection of any disease or pests that could harm the grapevine. If they see the rose bush starting to die, or grow mildew, they know it is time to protect the grapevines.

This all got me thinking about how God works in our lives.  He takes his time to develop us into what He wants us to be. This 'refining' does not happen overnight.  We don't wake up one morning and think, well, today is the day I'm going to be all God wants me to be!  It takes years of learning God's word, and praying.  God taks us through things that will equip us with what He wants us to have, to fulfil His will  for our lives. Sometimes the things that happen to us are not easy.  We don't always don't understand the why of things, but I know behind every thing that happens, there is a God who is refining me into the woman He needs me to be, to further His kingdom.

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