This morning I attended a funeral of someone who had a huge impact on several people's lives. He began his battle with cancer almost two years ago, and started a Carepages blog during this time. It ended up being a true testament to life, and how passionately he lived his last few years on Earth. As I was sitting there, I was amazed at the number of people that were in attendance. They even had to simulcast it into a gym, for the overflow of people. As I looked around at everyone, I realized that he had an impact on each person there. I know in my life, he was my first real full-time boss, he taught me to be organized, and his proper way of writing a business letter. He would dictate all his letters (including punctuation) and at the time, it drove me crazy, but it also really taught me a lot. There were hundreds of people that didn't know each other, but were connected in those few hours by just one person. This got me thinking about how every action you take can have an impact on someone else.  It could be someone you may, or may not know. 

The other thing that really struck me was his family. His wife and children all spoke, and as the kids were speaking, their mother was close behind them, rubbing their back or saying words of encouragement. She was being their rock during this time, and when she spoke, they were doing the same for her. It really made me think of how love of others can really get you through any tragedy that comes. Having people in your life that you truly rely on and support you, is an amazing thing to be thankful for. We all get so busy in our lives, that sometimes we forget to stop and appreciate the little things. His brother also spoke, and he was talking about how he always got to work really early (I would get work voice mails from him sometimes at 4:30am) and he would call him and comment on how spectacular the sunrise was, or anything out in nature he was seeing.  He would stop, and take the time to appreciate the little things. Appreciate life. God only gives you one life, and living your life for what God wants, is your purpose while you are here. Rob's cross to carry was cancer, which started the Carepages...that impacted and changed lives. Don't get so busy in life that you miss how God is trying to use you. You never know how it is going to impact someone else.   

Going to that today really makes you stop and think about what is important in life. Stop and think about who in your life is important, and take the time to tell them. Life is too short to let life get in the way of what the true important things are.   

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Lisa McKale said...

You are IMPORTANT in my life!